In a media industry filled with reality television and 15 second soundbites, Tracie Hunter goes against the grain, using her compassion and skill to tell heartfelt, real-world stories.  Whether filming a Jamaican orphanage, capturing country music stars in Nashville, or flying a drone through orchards in Africa, Tracie’s passion for storytelling knows no borders.  


Her personal journey has taken her all around the world.  The daughter of a US Army officer, Tracie Hunter spent her developmental years on military bases in Texas, New York, Washington, and Hawaii.  In addition to living all over the US, Tracie spent extended time in Italy, Jamaica, South Africa, Swaziland, Mexico, and Albania.  Lone Star State roots and global travels have given her a unique perspective on life and a deep compassion for people of all different backgrounds.  This has greatly influenced the types of stories she aims to tell through her film making.  Valedictorian of her high school class, Tracie went on to earn a B.S. in Radio/TV/Film at The University of Texas at Austin.  


Tracie’s talents have led her to several positions at major media companies over the years.  In 2013 she worked as a development associate for the Texas Tribune.  She then went on to New York City, working for ABC’s Emmy Award winning show “The View” in 2014, during Barbara Walter’s final season. After her work with ABC she went on to do various video and production work for ATO Records, CBS, TLC, MTV, NBC and eventually as a full-time cinematographer and producer in Nashville, TN.  Her segments have aired internationally, and have featured prominent figures such as Olympic Gold Medalist David Boudia, Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rogers, NBA's Stephen Curry, IBF Boxing Champion Shawn Porter, Grammy Nominee Mr. Talkbox, legendary music producer Rick Hall, American Idol Winner Scotty McCreery, and country music icon Charlie Daniels, to name a few.  


Tracie’s own filmmaking always aims to tell honest, compassionate stories.  In 2014 she traveled to Swaziland, Africa and filmed a promotional video for Ukwazi Macadamia, a macadamia nut farm which provides employment and educational opportunities to African citizens.  The following year Tracie produced a video for The Robin’s Nest Children’s Home, an orphanage in Montego Bay, Jamaica, which provides housing, medical care, and education to its children.  Currently, Tracie and co-producer Kyle Olson are finishing production on their documentary The Last Signal, in which they document the reunion of two World War II veterans who reconnected through Facebook after 70 years. Currently, Tracie's focus is traveling to meet with WW2 Veterans and allow them the opportunity to tell their stories. 


Tracie Hunter has many skills as a film maker; from producing, to directing, to camera operating. Though, beyond these traits one quality stands out among all the rest: Her compassion for people and the desire to change the world one story at a time.


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